Alpaca & Llama Sales and Services


We offer a range of services to both new and existing owners and breeders:

Advisory service

This service is for anyone who wants to learn about alpacas or llamas. It’s free, and is available without obligation
We are committed to ensuring that when you enquire about alpacas and llamas, you have all the information you require to make informed decisions
We are happy to work with new and established breeders to identify animals that will fit in with your breeding aims and programmes.
Please contact us to find out more.

Alpacas for sale

  • Windermere has a selection of alpacas for sale; both huacaya and suri; for breeding, showing, as a lifestyle choice and for fibre production.
  • These range in age, quality, and price to suit most budgets
  • We encourage you to inspect our animals, discuss with us what you need and how we can help you

llamas for sale

We have a limited number of llamas for sale. Please contact us for details.

General information

Alpacas need the company of other alpacas and llamas prefer the company of other llamas, so you need to purchase a minimum of two, preferably already friends, similar in age and of the same sex.

Alpacas and long fleeced llamas require shearing annually

Alpacas and llamas need annual vaccinations, worming & toe nail trimming (as necessary)